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Rep. Hoy Leads Bill Passage Addressing Homelessness in Salem

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Today (Feb. 16, 2021), Representative Chris Hoy (D-Salem), led the passage of House Bill 4037, which will help address the City of Salem’s homelessness crisis by allowing the city to identify underutilized property owned by the state and convert it into temporary siting for micro shelter communities.

“This bi-partisan bill is an example of government working like it should. Democrats and Republicans worked together to craft common sense legislation that will use existing state property to site micro shelter communities and bring us closer to our shared goal of housing all Oregonians,” said Rep. Hoy. “Politics should stop at the waters edge and there is nothing partisan about living on the streets. If we continue to work together in good faith, we can make strides in not only this policy area, but in all policy areas.”

Micro shelters are a proven method of moving people off the streets and into safer, healthier lives. After nine months, two micro shelter communities run by Church at the Park have served 153 people. The first community served 104 people and had 37% of those people transition out to a positive destination and the second provided safe living to 49 women and 34 children, with 72% existing the shelter with a positive destination.

House Bill 4037 passed 54-3 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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