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Letter: Sen. Deb Patterson

Salem Residents:

Chris Hoy – Collaborative, Committed, Caring

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Representative Chris Hoy to find bipartisan solutions to urgent issues like homelessness in the Salem area, from funding for new housing projects taking place now, to identifying state properties that can be used for transitional housing. We all know that having people sleeping on the streets is not good for businesses, is worrisome for residents who live nearby, and is certainly not good for those sleeping in the city parks or on the streets.

Salem needs leadership with significant public policy and management experience, including how to effectively and efficiently collaborate with multiple partners in the process. Chris Hoy brings a unique and much-needed set of skills and experience to the office of Salem’s Mayor. His 30-year career in law enforcement at every level, his work as Salem City Council President, as Chair of the Salem Housing Authority, and most recently as State Representative (HD21), demonstrate his leadership skills, passion, and commitment to work across the aisle with a wide array of government, community and non-profit partners.

Please vote for this highly experienced and qualified candidate, Chris Hoy, to be our next Salem Mayor.

Sen. Deb Patterson

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