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Letter: Ron Steiner

Residents of Salem:

Leadership in our midst.

Based on City polling, the polling of social services organizations and

personal polling, homelessness is this fair city’s number one problem

and concern. Until Chris Hoy joined the City Council, and eventually

became the Council President, Salem had not done enough to combat the

homelessness concern.

Chris Hoy has led the City Council to work effectively with the,

Mid-Valley Community Action Agency, Church at the Park and VP of the

Mid-Valley Homeless Alliance the social service organizations most

concerned with homelessness, to make a difference in the City’s


Chris Hoy has the background and record of accomplishments to lead Salem

as its next mayor. His leadership role on the City Council, his position

on the Housing committee and his outstanding 30-year career in law

enforcement, is unmatched as a candidate to lead us to become the city

we can all be proud of.

With a new Police Chief now in place and a new City Manager to be in

place, Chris Hoy as Mayor will be a key link from today to the best

possible tomorrow.


Ron Steiner

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