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Letter: Mary Nikas

Salem Residents:

Stay the Course for a Stronger Salem.

Salem has a stark choice: Keep moving forward or to return to the dark days of developer handouts and good ‘ole boy networking. When Chris Hoy was first elected to City Council in 2017 the city had just handed out $675k of Redevelopment funds for a 3rd floor to one building. No jobs came with this handout. Chris and other NEW council members put an end to this. Downtown is more vibrant under his leadership. Now’s not the time to turn back.

As Council President since 2019, Chris forged relationships with local, county, and state leaders. Chris leads “housing first” efforts, from micro-shelters for our homeless to affordable housing for ALL. His opponent recently stated, “We can’t build our way out of this.” Actually, we must! There is not enough housing. Every year more people lose their homes while developers cater to high-income earners. We are a community of state workers, small businesses and retail workers with medium incomes; not a wealthy enclave.

Chris’s agenda: Climate Action; Smart Development; Housing First; Vibrant Community!

Support Chris Hoy for Mayor. He lives and looks like US; He’s not the wealthy developer-friendly candidate seeking a return to the dark days of developer-handouts!


Mary Nikas

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