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Letter: Marcia Hoak

Residents of Salem: Our next Mayor of Salem must meet the ever-changing demands of a complicated 21st century city. I am voting for Chris Hoy for mayor for a variety of reasons:

  1. Chris believes in protecting the environment. He will listen to the community to understand their take on problems and solutions and will work with residents to develop appropriate action to mitigate damaging climate change impact. He has already worked to make it possible to plant more trees and effectively improve the city’s water treatment.

  2. Chris has been a Salem resident for more than 20 years. He understands the challenges we face and truly cares about the city.

  3. He knows how to get things done. After being on City Council and working in the legislature, Chris Hoy is skilled in analysis, problem-solving, and forging effective relationships.

  4. Chris has direct experience in working to decrease the homelessness problem in Salem. His work with micro-shelter communities is invaluable in moving our city forward to find realistic solutions for the chronically unsheltered

Chris Hoy’s experience and leadership skills, coupled with his passion for creating a truly livable 21st Century city, make him a strong candidate. He has my vote.


Marcia Hoak

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