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Letter: Kirk Leonard

Chris Hoy is the best choice for Salem’s next mayor. He has over 30 years of public safety and management experience and three years of experience as the city council’s president while serving as the Ward 6 councilor since 2017.

Chris has been a strong leader and supporter in addressing Salem’s homeless problems and housing issues. He is vice chair of the Mid-Willamette Homeless Alliance, a regional group addressing the issue, and Chair of the Salem Housing Authority, so he has taken important leadership roles with other organizations, as well. He was also a strong supporter of major city water system improvements over the past four years. We have one of the safest and most robust water systems in Oregon as a result.

The breadth of Chris Hoy’s experience, now including time as a state legislator representing Salem, the depth of his commitment to a better future for the city of Salem, for smart growth within the existing Urban Growth Boundary, and his vision of an active, thriving, diverse “community that cares about its people and the environment” make him a strong choice for mayor and I hope you will join me in voting for him.


Kirk Leonard, Salem

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