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Letter: Jon Christenson

Salem Residents:

Salem needs younger leadership. Chane Griggs is almost 70. Our current Mayor, Chuck Bennett, is 74. Our State Senator, Peter Courtney, is almost 80. "Open the windows, we need some fresh air." Chris Hoy brings that inclusive view that many many younger people have.

Chris Hoy will be a good Mayor. He has worked with churches and non-profit groups to help the homeless on our streets. Councilor Hoy helped to save the Salem Peace Mosaic artwork on the YMCA building that was fabricated by children and students from 14 different schools. He worked with members of the Library Advisory Board members to make 3 hour free parking available at the City Library for patrons, so kids could go to programs without Moms and Dads and grandparents risking parking tickets.

Chris is young, a very good man who works often without flash and fancy fanfare. He is very practical, very down-to-earth, strives for results to help the little guy, young parents and kids. He is deserving, and worthy of your careful vote.

Jon Christenson

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