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Letter: City Councilor Trevor Phillips

Residents of Salem,
I was honored to nominate Chris Hoy for president of Salem City Council in January of this year. This is the third year that Salem City Councilor Chris Hoy was elected by his fellow councilors to serve in this crucial leadership role. Chris brings a history of more than 30 years of public service in law enforcement and local public leadership with him to everything that he does. Chris has served as the City Councilor for Ward 6 in East Salem since 2017. Chris has been an outstanding voice for East Salem. As Council President, Chris is a powerful advocate for our entire city. Chris also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance. He worked to get funding from the State Legislature for so many critical projects including the new Navigation Center, pandemic relief funds, and additional funds to address homelessness. This past year Chris was appointed by the Marion County Commissioners to serve as the interim State Representative for HD 21. He authored a bill requiring that State land be leased to Salem for emergency use of micro-shelters, a bill that passed and was recently signed into law. As an emergency room doctor, I know that experience, hard work, and leadership matter. I know that Salem Council President Hoy possesses all of these traits and more. Please join me in voting for Chris Hoy to be our next mayor. Remember that ballots are due by May 17th. Sincerely, Trevor Phillips, MD Salem City Councilor - Ward 3 Emergency Room Doctor

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