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Letter: Cindy Kimball

Salem Residents:

In the world of politics, candidates who run for office get financial support from their “friends.” “Friends” usually refers to donors, donors who often have a very specific agenda for the candidate. Let’s use the candidates for Salem’s mayoral race as a specific example.

On one hand, you have Chris Hoy. Hoy’s donors are primarily from rank-and-file Salem residents with no connection to big money. His “friends” list reveals many, many contributions of average or small amounts. He will work for the people of Salem.

Conversely, his opponent, Chane Griggs, has received immense contributions from her “friends,” a list comprised primarily of real estate agencies, developers, and construction and lumber companies. $10,000 from Mountain West Corporation (co-founder Larry Torkarski) and $5,000 from Commercial Property Resources indicate that special interests, special “friends,” rather than the residents of Salem, will likely get the bulk of Griggs’ attention and efforts if she were elected.

We want a true friend of Salem as Mayor. Chris Hoy has an outstanding record of public service, from City Council to the Legislature. He will work for all of us. Let’s elect Chris Hoy as our next mayor.

Cindy Kimball

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