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Letter: Barbara Fuller

Residents of Salem:

Chris Hoy is a proven community leader. He spent 30 years in public safety working on programs to rehabilitate inmates, programs for victims of domestic violence, and programs for drug and alcohol treatment. He has served Salem residents as: City Councilor since 2017, City Council President, State Representative for House District 21 and Salem Housing Authority Chair among other services. Salem needs a Mayor like Chris Hoy to move us forward as an active thriving community protecting its residents, providing shelter, affordable housing and services as well as safe affordable transportation. He helped to create Salem’s Climate Action Plan and is committed to ensuring that Salem protects its natural environment providing open places for people to play and relax. Chris is committed to equity in community participation and sharing the benefits of community growth. He is supported by everyday people. He listens to and welcomes a diversity of opinions and has strong relationships with local, state and federal partners. I am supporting Chris Hoy for Mayor because I know he will represent all of Salem, not just developers and private interest allies who are trying to regain control of City Council by spending big money. Sincerely, Barbara Fuller

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